Oregon's most comprehensive marijuana law-man Paul Loney welcomes us into his office for a free consultation. Hear from a weed pioneer, a guy on the inside, a man who helps draft the laws, and continues to educate the world on what he calls "just a plant."


Location: 3430 SE Belmont St #101, Portland, OR 97214



Capt. Mark Kruger, Portland Police Bureau Drugs and Vice Division, welcomed us into his downtown office, to talk about the state of marijuana in America today. This Portland native shares his eye witness accounts of marijuana, and ponders the permissiveness of weed in society today.


Location: Central Precinct - 1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204



Main St. Marijuana proprietor Ramsey Hamide, sat down with us to discuss "the Napa Valley of Marijuana", Measure 91, and Ticket Scalping, and did it for well over an hour, on a dusty, empty, echo filled floor.


Location: Empty Downtown Building - Vancouver, Washington

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